Massages offered

Head and shoulder massage – 20 mins / 15 €

Helps to get rid of the mental stress and pain in neck and shoulder region. Regular head massage results in healthy hair. Induces good sleep.
Good to have after a stressful day at work, day before exam or just to relax at the end of the day. If you have never experienced a massage and if you are skeptical about its benefits, this can be a good starting point!

Head, shoulder and back – 30 mins / 30 €

Helps to get rid of the mental and physical stress and pain in neck, shoulder and back of the body.
Good to have after a stressful day of work especially for those who work in seated positions for most of the day. Helps relieve per-natal and post-natal back pains.

Lower body massage and stretches – 30 mins / 30 €

Helps to get rid of pain in the legs, thighs and feet. Might benefit someone having pain in the joints. The foot massage has the potential to benefit several internal organs of the body.
Especially good for someone who does sports like cycling, running, trekking, workouts.

Full body massage – 60 mins / 50 €

A complete body massage is good for reliving physical pain, fatigue and mental stress. It detoxes the body and helps to get a shiny glowing skin. It combines all the benefits mentioned above.

Deep tissue ayurvedic yoga massage – 1 hr 15 min / 110 €

Deep tissue ayurvedic yoga massage is a type of therapy that combines elements of Ayurveda, with yoga practices to help release tension and promote relaxation. It is a comprehensive therapy that involves deep tissue oil massage and assisted stretching derived from yoga postures, along with breathwork. Relives intense pains, improves flexibility and breathing capacity.

Sauna access – 30 mins / 0 €

For every session of massage you gain one free entry to Finnish Dry Sauna in a sports club in the 8ème arrondissement Paris. The sauna is accessible from 6 am until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

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